Legacy Bible Church
Thursday, October 01, 2020
Loving God, Loving People, Leaving a Legacy

The Truth

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We live in a world where truth is about as consistent as the weather! Some say there is no such thing as objective truth, but rather that truth is whatever each of us believes it to be! They say what's true for one  person may not be true for another.
The fact is that there is such a thing as "objective" truth; truth that exists regardless of what we think. The Bible; God's Word, is full of objective truth which God has spoken to us for our benefit. Consider the following truths from God's Word:
God is holy, righteous, and just. We, on the other hand, are sinful. We've all lied, stolen, been disobedient to our parents, not put God first and a host of other things which God's Word says is sin. The Bible says that, since God is just, He must punish sin and that the punishment for sin is death. However, even though we deserve death, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to pay our penalty. Jesus paid that penalty on the cross with His life. God offers forgiveness to every person who repents of their sin and believes that Jesus is their only way to forgiveness. Have you believed in Jesus Christ as your only Savior? Have you given your life to Him in response for His gift of life and forgiveness to you? John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but will have eternal life."
That is real truth. It's truth that is always true, no matter what the weather looks like. It's truth on which you can depend because God said it. Respond to the real truth of God's forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ.